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Tips for buying a drill press

When it comes to buying something after a long span of savings, one must be very concerned about the things that are needed to see. You cannot do this much randomly. Although, there are several great choices what target your objective must be highlighted in your mind rather than waving around the things that are not relating to you.

As time and money run parallel, one must not forget its importance. Especially, nowadays when we do not have seconds to waste, the right choice can be fruitful in bringing ease to your work. The right guideline is all you need to make choices. As far as drill press machines are concerned, it is a very easy and handy tool for daily work. Users find it quite easy to manage and feasible to perform their activities in your best drill press machine. So don’t wait, and let us give you certain targeting tips to get an effective choice for yourself.

Make the right choice

There are certain key points that you must keep in mind while going for the choice of drill press machine.

Seek for the right model

Overall, there are two model types namely;

  • the floor model
  • the benchtop

The second one settles on your workbench and is perfect for small targets. The first model as said is quite heavy which is suitable for heavy-duty tasks. They have a greater range of parts and are based on powerful motors which allows them to be perfect for commercial-scale projects.

Look for different features

You must go for a drill press according to the type of projects you mostly handle. Look for characteristics that allow you to use the tool in a better way. For example, you can consider the horsepower that depicts the maximum power which the drill’s motor can come up with.

Mostly they offer HP of around ¼ to 1HP. If you desire to make holes through hard material like concrete, you need a higher HP. You can check the speed ranges which are desired to make holes drilled into a substance without giving damage. Choose the drill press, whose speeds are versatile.

You need great accessories

A drill press will not serve much with an incomplete set of accessories. Meanwhile, you require to ascertain that what you pick combos perfectly with the accessories you are needing.

Skip everything which looks extra, especially if you are new but they become mandatory once you turn more proficient. A few significant accessories include

  • sanding drums
  • fences
  • planer heads
  • mortising attachments.


The above-mentioned tips are the gamechanger for you. They are the key points that play a pivotal role when you make up your mind to buy a drill press for your workplace. It is always appreciable how one looks for innovation and ease. When it comes to the right choice, CORDLESS.COM supports you in every way. You can find a variety of models and shapes with desired features on our website. They are available with a guaranty and repair option. So, gear up today and start saving for it.