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Magnetic lashes and clear magnetic liner

Are they safe to be your beauty partners?

Do you know what the actual beauty of falsies is?

Fake eyelashes can give you a more attractive and dramatic look instantly. Falsies also help accentuate your eye shape and make your eyes a focal point to achieving the Lion Babe look.

Eyes are an essential beauty accessory that can make or break a look. They are thought to be portals into our souls that can be enhanced with larger-than-life and sexy eyelashes. On the catwalks of Europe, today’s trend has brought the eyelash to its most drastic degree.

With the advent of modern adhesives, individually placed, long-lasting lashes, and magnetic lashes that simply snap on, anybody can be a beauty expert. These magnetic lashes with magnetic liners have transformed the definition of fake lashes. Now, these are new naturals that pop up your eyes with their full, thick, and long appearance, but the critical question is:

Is it safe to wear magnetic lashes with transparent magnetic liner?

Llama Magnetic baby lash kit has a pair of false magnetic eyelashes that are thought to be safer than false eyelashes that use potentially toxic glues. Every substance you use around your eyes, though, has the potential to be toxic. If you use the medication inappropriately or if you have sensitive skin or eyes, the chance can be increased.

Llama magnetic baby lash kit has a pair of lashes with small magnets to keep them stick on your natural lashes without the use of glue, which is commonly used in most forms of false lashes. Clear magnetic eyeliner helps these lashes to stay strong on your natural lash line without creating a mess. Such lashes are made of synthetic fur, animal or human hair. Wearing magnetic lashes is safe for a variety of purposes:

  • These products are strictly regulated by “Eye Cosmetic Safety” that regulates these products, so you can use these lashes with no tension of any serious eye health risks.
  • Since the level of electromagnetic frequency released by false eyelashes is relatively low, the dangers associated with them are also extremely low.
  • Due to their glue-less nature, magnetic lashes are potentially better than standard glue-on falsies. There is no glue (chemicals or additives) that might seep into the eye area are used in clear magnetic liners.

Clear magnetic eyeliners are used to keep magnetic lashes in place while also emphasize their appearance. Iron oxides, which are often used in these liners, are medically approved additives. Iron oxides are pigment-containing minerals of a small enough particle size to pose no major health threats.

Lash and liner duos that are magnetic:

Any magnetic lashes, such as those from “Drama Llama,” are made to be worn with a clear magnetic eyeliner. Since eyeliner is a liquid, the risk of something magnetic seeping into the eye is reintroduced. Despite this, the ultra-low grade electromagnetic frequency makes it safe.

An ingredient called iron oxide makes our magnetic liner work. The major problems are limited to the procedure conditions, operation, and continuing treatment of the magnetic lashes and the cleanliness of all hands and objects entering the eye area.