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4 Most Popular Types Of Logo Mats

Mats can be used for aesthetic purposes as well as their functional benefits. Logo mats are mats with graphic inscriptions on the topsides. These mats are used mainly in industrial or commercial settings. They come in many styles, sizes, and designs. Any type of mat can be made into a logo mat. Or, you can use any other type of mat to serve any purpose. A heated mat can be made into a logo mat simply by printing graphics on it. You can also use any mat to make an indoor or entrance mat by placing it at the right spot. Logo mats are often used by companies to “identify” their company or as advertising mediums. A logo mat, as the name implies, usually contains a company logo and possibly a promotional message. Depending on the purpose and mode of creation, logo mats can be distinguished. Here are some examples of the most sought-after logo markets available today.

Inlay Mats

Inlay logo mats can be made by combining different materials (usually carpet) to create an intricate and artistic image on any mat. The logo image is created from different colors of carpet, matching the original logo images. The pieces are then joined together and bonded on top of a vinyl or rubber backing. This creates a strong and functional carpet that can be used indoors and outdoors. Inlay mats of standard size are typically small and medium-sized. Large-size log mats can be custom-designed and installed.

Digitally Printed Mats

These logo mats are digitally printed and feature vibrant graphics on the top surfaces. These mats can be created with modern printing technology and equipment. Integrative color technology is used to create high-resolution graphics. Modern digital printers transfer the images onto vinyl or rubber backings. These digital printers can print intricate details, 3D or HD images, as well as unlimited colors. These digitally printed mats were the first to have photographic quality graphics. These logo mats are perfect for high-traffic sites, indoor and outdoors scraping, as well as industrial settings.

Molded Log Mats

Molded logo mats can be created by permanently stamping or molding high-quality digitally printed graphics into a rubber material or vinyl material. The desired message or image is first digitally printed onto a polymerized substance, then it is molded into a rubber backing. Designers can now use unlimited color options to produce photorealistic image moldings with high detail and clarity. The logo mold is durable and won’t crack into the backing. The resultant logo mat is durable and functional due to the hard backing and molding material. It traps dirt, grime, and water.

Message Sign Mats

Message sign mats are mats with safety warnings or messages on their topside. These logo mats can be used to warn of industrial hazards and to mark restricted areas. Any of the above designs can be used to create message sign mats. These mats are typically made of a tough fabric, a plastic polymer, or rubber backing. They are durable and hardy and offer many benefits, including slip resistance, anti-fatigue, and floor protection.