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How to use Baby Llama Magnetic Lash Kit

Hmm, so you have decided to give a chance to magnetic lashes and eyeliner. You have ordered a “Baby Llama Magnetic Lash Kit” and got this wonderful beauty product by “Drama Llama.”

But you are wondering, “Now what?”

How can you put this idea into a practical application?

These tiny baby llamas are made of silk, not mink, and have six micro-magnets to maximize performance. These eyelashes are perfectly adjustable with all eye shapes, and you can trim these silk lashes from both sides according to your desire.

Depending on the size of your eyes, you may need to cut the lash to fit correctly on your eyelid. It is highly advised to measure the lash before trimming it by holding it against your eye. Now let’s learn the art of applying magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner.

Here are four simple steps to learn the art of applying magnetic lashes with a clear magnetic liner:

1.    Preparation is the first step:

It is essential to prepare your face before applying your lashes, and you should apply your makeup as usual. Just apply. You’re normally wearing foundation, eye shadow, or other makeup in your customary way. After doing your usual makeup, it’s time to add your clear magnetic liner.

2.    Apply clear magnetic liner:

Every Baby Llama Magnetic Lash kit includes the magnetic liner required for application, and each set of tiny baby llamas is suitable for more than 30 years. Give your clear magnetic eyeliner bottle a brisk shake before adding the liner.

When you’re ready, apply a thin layer of liner from the innermost tip of your top lid to the outermost tip of your bottom lid. Allow it to dry for few seconds, and then apply a second thin coat of clear magnetic liner to dry over the major area of your lid. It dries quickly, and then comes the next step.

3.    Apply the tiny baby llamas:

Now you are ready to set the lashes once the liner has dried. It may take around 2-5 minutes, depending on how thickly you applied the liner. Set your tiny baby llamas where it feels comfortable, but place your magnetic lashes as near to your natural lashes as possible. You can use the lash applicator tool to hold the lashes. With the help of the applicator tool or your fingertips, check that all of the magnets have attracted to the lining.

Tip: It is a good idea to leave a tiny gap between the innermost aperture of your eyes (near the nose) and then put on your magnetic lashes. Once you’ve found a comfortable position, lower the lash to experience the attraction between the lash magnets and magnetic eyeliner.

4.    Blend your magnetic lashes:

Finally, when you find your lashes are in place and satisfied with their placement, gently push the magnetic lashes and your natural lashes together with your fingertips. This merges the lashes for a more natural appearance. Now you have learned the magic of glamorizing your eyes using magnetic lashes and clear magnetic liner.